Project Lessons

One of the aims of this site is to provide step by step instructions for a variety of shoemaking projects. I try to do this through project lessons, which you will see listed below. These lessons are geared specifically towards raised heels; although I'm interested in a variety of other topics, those will find their place in the "Other Projects" section of the website.

Basic Construction Techniques

Lesson 1: Late 16th C. Venetian Chopines (Cork)

Lesson 2: Mid 16th C. Pantoufles (Cork)

Lesson 3: Late 16th C. Venetian Chopines (Timber)

Lesson 4: 1582 Tartar Boots (Stacked Leather)

Lesson 5: 1750s Man's Shoes (Timber)

Lesson 6: Early 17th C. Lady's Mules (Timber)

Lesson 7: Mid 16th C. Shoes (Stacked Leather)

Lesson 8: Late 16th / Early 17th C. Heels (Timber)

Lesson 9: Late 16th C. Wedges (Cork)

(c) Pete Good