There are many people who have been instrumental in providing key pieces of information on this site, inspiration to carry out this effort, and assistance in translation or research. I would like to mention them here, and forgive me if I forget anyone!

Geoffrey - For getting me started in cordwaining and providing the interest, skills, and techniques necessary for this endeavor.

Sarah - For her continual inspiration and drive towards perfection.

Lauren - For being so helpful and accommodating in taking pictures and providing key data on extant chopines.

Kathryn - For providing translation and research talents, of which mine are rudimentary.

Cin - For willing to have her chopines be the model for Lesson 1, and providing me with much useful research.

Donata - For willing to have her pantofles be the model for Lesson 2.

Mike - For willing to host my site temporarily on his server.

Greg - For willing to host my site on his servers.

Vittoria - For willing to accept the first pair of chopines I ever made and for providing the original spark of inspiration.

(c) Trystan L. Bass