Modern Reproductions of Note

Here, I show a set of modern reproduction chopines. If you have something that you'd like posted, let me know!

A marvelous reproduction of the chopine in the Bally Shoe Museum at Schonenwerd, Switzerland. You can compare it to the extant one on shown on one of the prior pages. Gina G. was kind enough to translate it for me, and it discussed the almost prohibitively high cost and social status that went along with accessories of this kind. You can find the original at

Replica of Chopines by a Swiss cordwainer

Another replica of a chopine at the German shoemaking shop of Schuh-Trost in Frankfurt. Unfortunately, I understand that the talented cordwainer has passed away, from what I could translate from the shoemaker's website. This photo, however, seems to have been part of an artistic demonstration. More details at

Replica of Chopines by a German cordwainer

A pair of chopines by a talented individual, who belongs to the Society for Creative Anachronism. Sadly, I could not find the original page that this picture was located on. If you can find it, do drop me a note.

Chopines by an SCA Laurel

My first attempt at a pair of chopines. I learned a great deal on this attempt.

First Chopines by Vyncent for Vittoria

My third attempt. The double row of holes really worked well, but I discovered that I'm carving the core too thick - it needs to be much thinner, but I believe that the only way to really do that and keep them stable is to use wood.

Third Chopines by Vyncent for Cynthia

A pair of pantofles that I worked on with Donata. These used suede leather, with a contrasting under layer on the vamp.

Pantofles by Donata

A pair of chopines, assembled of pine, and covered in jaquard. These were assembled by the significant other of Fiore Rossini in the SCA. Note the scalloping that is much more pronounced than some of my models, made possible because of the use of wood instead of cork.

Chopines for Fiore Rossini

A pair of chopines, assembled by Ysabella Dolfin in the SCA.

Chopines for Ysabella Dolfin

A pair of 12" chopines, assembled of poplar, and covered in dyed leather. The vamps are tooled. I really like the way they came out, although the pictures truly to not do the pieces justice.

Fourth Chopines by Vyncent for Vittoria

(c) Trystan L. Bass

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By: raisedheels

In reply to Sandra Li. Hi Sandra! Thanks very much for the comments - there aren't too many people out there that make chopines specifically, as far as I know. However, many good shoemakers ought to be able to make a pair. Some names you might try are Andy Burke and Kevin Garlick, both shoemakers in the UK. You might also contact the Musee de la Chaussure in Lausanne, as they may be interested to take a commission. Francis

By: Sandra Li

Hello, thank you for putting up such an informative and interesting webpage about choppiness! I m looking for chopines as a part of a costume design, do you have any idea where i could find chopines? Kind regards from Switzerland Sandra Li

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