The documentation page contains several sections which are broken up into specific topics for ease of viewing. Keep in mind that I have many, many photographs that I cannot, for copyright reasons, share on this website. However, if there is something in particular that you're interested in, or have a question about, I can likely share these photos, provided that you also agree not to publish them in any way, and only use them for personal use.

Additionally, this is, by no means, an all-inclusive list for all time periods! There are a great deal of portraits and paintings from other works that document the use of the heels. For additional summary of shoes of this variety, do check out my biliography in the Written References section.

Written Documentation
and Bibliography

Extant (Original)
Raised Heels

Construction Details of an
Extant Chopine

Paintings and

Basic Techniques
of Construction

Modern Reproductions
of Chopines

(c) Sarah Goodman

(c) Cin Barnes