scabooks-announce:New year, new books

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Dec 30 13:22:34 PST 2003

Now that you're all about to make New Years resolutions about being
more productive in the new year, here are some books that are
currently being proofread at

A series of plays by Beaumont and Fletcher (Elizabethans,
    contemporaries of that Shakespeare guy)
Notes on the Canterbury Tales, by Skeat

The Middle English Dictionary is currently being verified. Thanks to
all of you who helped.

I have copyright clearances for about 6 books for which I have images
made up -- these are facsimilies of the original texts, and are in
hard-to-read blackletter fonts. Would anyone like to help me get these
ready to get proofread? I suspect most of them are going to be "typing
projects", for which OCR simply won't work. The titles are:

Caxton's Book of Curtesye (these images are OCRable)
Dialogues in French and English (OCRable)
The English Secretary (a handbook on writing, I think, 1599)
The arte of english poesie (about writing poetry, 1589)
The arte or crafte rhetoryke (1532)
A treatise of Schemes and Tropes (1550, another poetry book)

-- Gregory

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