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A list of pre-1650 books in the French National Library

This library is found at:

To search their collection, click on "Recherche".

If you find something of interest, you can download the entire book as a single PDF file by beginning to look at the book by clicking on the little book icon, and then clicking on "Téléchargement de l'ouvrage". Select "La 1ère page" (the first page) and "Jusqu'à la fin de l'ouvrage" (to the last page). Click on "Fichier PDF", and after a wait, you can download the book. Be aware that there are missing pages in most books; I don't know when they are going to go back and fix them.

I have searched through some of their indices and collected pre-1650 items.

Dictionnaires & encyclopédies

Books marked "English" in the Index

There used to be a secondary search function which could search on language. It doesn't hit all the English books, but here are the ones it did have:


Albin, Johann (15..-1620). [A] notable discourse, plainelye and truly discussing, who are right ministers of the Catholike Church: written against Calvine and his disciples (1567)

[A] manual, or meditation, and with most necessary prayers with a morial of instructions right requisite ([1596?])

[A] short and an absolute order of confession most requiste of all persons to be ouer looked before they confesse them ([1580?])

Certayne devout meditations very necessary for Christian men devoutly to meditate upon morninge and eveninge, every day in the weeke ([1576?])

Pseaumes octantetrois de David, mis en rimes françoise (1551)

The Bible and Holy Scriptures conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament (1560)

[The] fourth part of The meditations of the passion & resurrection of Christ our Saviour ([1599])

Tiborne the first of December 1581, observid and written by a Catholique preist, wich was present thereat... ([1582?])

Allen, William (1532-1594). [A] treatise made in defense of the lauful power and authoritie of priesthod to remitte sinnes: of the peoples duetie for confession of their sinnes to Gods ministers: and of the churches meaning concerning indulgences, commonly called the Popes Pardons (1567)

Allen, William (1532-1594). [A] true report of the late apprehension and imprisonnement of John Nicole minester, at Roan, and his confession and answers made in the time of his durance there (1583)

Allen, William (1532-1594). An apologie and true declaration of the institution and endevous of the two English colleges, the one in Rome, the other now resident in Rhemes, against certaine sinister information given up against the same (1581)

B., H. [A] consolatory letter to all the afflicted Catholikes in England... ([1590?])

Bristow, Richard. A reply to fulke, in defense of M.D. Allens scroll of articles, and booke of purgatorie (1580)

Bruno, Vincent J. [The] first part of the meditations of the passion, & resurrection of Christh our sauior (1599)

Bruno, Vincent J. [The] second part of the meditations of the passion, & resurrection of Christh our sauior, whith the figures and propheties of the old Testament, et certaine documents gathered out of every pointe of the gospell, collected out of the holy fathers and other devout authours, by the rev. fa. Vincent Bruno of the societie of Jesus, translated (as the first part also was) out of the last Italian edition, more ample and perfect than the latin (1599)

Bruno, Vincenzo. [A] short treatise of the sacrement of penaunce (1597)

Bruno, Vincenzo. [The] third parte of the meditations of the passion & resurrection of Christ our saviour ([1599])

Bucke, John. Instructions for the use of the beades, conteigning many matters of meditacion or mentall prayer, with diverse good advises of ghostly counsayle, where unto is added a figure or forme of the beades portrued in a table, compiled by John Bucke for the benefice of unlearned (1589)

Burne, Nicol. [The] disputation concerning the controversit headdis of religion, haldin in the realme of Scotland, in the zeir of God ane thousand, vuye hundreth fourscoir zeiris... (1581)

Calvin, Jean. Sermons of M. John Calvine upon the epistle of saincte Paule to the Galathians (1574)

Campion, Edmund J. Rationes decem: quibus fretus,certamen adversayiis abtulit in causa fidei... ([1581?])

Cecil, John. [A] discovery of the errors committed and injuryes don to his MA. of Scotlande and nobilitye of the same realme and John Cecyll, pryest and D. off divinity, by a malitious mythologo titled an apologie, and compiled by William Criton, priest and professed Jesuite, whose habite and behavioure, whose cote and conditions, are as futable, as Esav his handes, and Jacob hid voice ([1599?])

Cox, Leonard. [The] arte or crafte rhetoryke (1532)

Day, Angel. [The] english secretary or Methode of writing of epistles and letters (1599)

Dorman, Thomas. [A] request to M. Jewel, that he kepe his promise, made by solemne protestation in his late sermon at Pauls Crosse the 15 of June, 1567 (1567)

English College of Rhemes. [The] New Testament of Jesus Christ, translated faithfully into English, out of the authentical Latin, according to the best corrected copies of the same... with arguments of bookes and chapers, annotations, and other necessarie helpes... (1582)

Estella, Diego. [The] contempt of the world and the vanitie thereof (1584)

France. [An] edict or ordonnance of the French King conteining a prohibition... of any other religion, then of the catholique... an other edict, removing all protestants from bearing any office... (1568)

Fraunce, Abraham. [The] Arcadian rhetorike or The praecepts of rhetorike made plaine by examples, greeke, latin, english, italian, french, spanish out of (1588)

Garnet, Henry. [A] treatrise of Christian renunciation... ([1593?])

Hamilton, John (15..-1609?) (théologien anti-protestant). Ane Catholik and facile traictise, drauin out of the halie scriptures, treulie exponit be the ancient doctores, to confirme the real and corporell praesence of Chrystis pretious bodie and blude in the sacrament of the alter... (1581)

Harding, Thomas. [A] reioindre to M. Iewels replie against the sacrifice of the masse... (1580)

Hay, John (1546-1607). Certaine demandes concerning the Christian religion and discipline, proponed to the ministers of the new pretending kirk of Scotland be Iohne Hay ane clerk of the societie of Jesus (1580)

Hemmingsen, Niels. [The] preacher, or Methode of preaching (1574)

Hide, Thomas. [A] consolatorie epistle to the afflicted catholikes (1580)

Hozjusz, Stanisaw. Of the expresse worde of gode... (1567)

I. B. (15..-16..) (actif en 1598). [A] treatise with a kalendar, and the proofesthereof, concerning the holy-daies in England ([1598])

Lanspergius, Joannes Justus. [An] epistle or exhortation of Jesus Christ to the soule... ([1592?])

Ledesma, Diego de. [The] Christian doctrine in manner of a dialogue between the master and the disciple (1597)

Leslie, John. [A] treatrise of treasons against Q. Elizabeth, and the croune of England... (1572)

Loarte, Gaspar (S.J.). [The] exercice of a Christian life ([1581?])

Louis de Grenade (dominicain). [A] memoriall of a christian life (1586)

Louis de Grenade (dominicain). [A] spirituall doctrine, conteining a rule to live wel, with divers paiers and meditations (1599)

Louis de Grenade (dominicain). Of prayer, and meditation (1582)

Martial, John. [A] replie to M. Calfhills blasphemous answer made against the treatrise of the crosse (1506)

Martin, Gregory (1540-1582). [A] discoverie of manifold corruptions of the holy scriptures by the heretikes of our daies, specially the English sectaries, and of their soule dealing herein, by partial and false translations to the advantage of their heresies, in their English Bible used and autorised since the time of the schisme (1582)

N., C. (15..-16..?) (écrivain anglais). Our ladie hath a new sonne... (1595)

Osório, Jerôme. [A] learned and very eloquent treatie, writen in latin by the famouse man Hieronymus Osorius,... (1568)

Parsons, Robert. [A] brief censure uppon two books written in answere to M. Edmonde Campions offer of disputation (1581)

Parsons, Robert. [A] brief discours contaying certayne reasons why Catholiques refuse to goe to church (1580)

Parsons, Robert. [A] conference about the next succession to crowne in Ingland... (1594)

Parsons, Robert. [A] deference of the censure gyuen upon two bookes of William Charke and Meredith Hanmer...against E[dmund] Campian... (1582)

Parsons, Robert. [A] discovery of I. Nicols, minister, misreported a iesuite latelye recanted in the tower of London ([1565?])

Pierre Canisius (saint). Ane cathechisme or short instruction of Christain religion drawen out of the scripturs and ancient doctours compyled be the godlie and lerned father Peter Capisius doctour en theologie (1588)

Pierre Canisius (saint). Certayne necessarie principes of religion, witch may be intituled, a cathechisme conteyning all the partes of the Christian and the Catholique fayth ([1578-1579])

Pinelli, Luca. Breife meditations of the most holy sacrament and of preparation, for receving the same, and of some other thinges apertaining to the greatnes and devotion of so worthy a misterie ([1595?])

Pointz, Robert. Testimonies for the real presence of Christes body and blood in the blessed sacrement... (1566)

Pole, Reginald. [A] treatie of justification, founde emong the writinges of Cardinal Pole,... (1569)

Possevino, Antonio. [A] treatrise of the holy sacrifice of the altar, called the masse (1570)

Puttenham, George. [The] arte of english poesie (1589)

Rainolds, William. [A] refutation of sundry reprehensions, cavils, and false fleightes, by wich M. Whitaker laboureth to deface the late English translation and Catholike annotations of the New Testament, and the booke of discovery of heretical corruptions (1583)

Rainolds, William. [A] refutation of sundry reprehensions, cavils, and falses sleigthes, by M. Whitaker laboureth to deface the late english translation, and Catholike annotations of the New Testament, and the books of discovery of heretical corruptions (1583)

Reinolde, R.. A booke called the foundacion of rhetorike (1563)

Sanders, Nicolas. [A] briefe treatise of usurie (1568)

Sanders, Nicolas. [A] treatise of the images of Christ, and of his Saints (1567)

Sanders, Nicolas . [The] rocke of the church wherein the primacy of S. Peter and his successours the bishops of Rome is proved out of Gods worde (1567)

Sanders, Nicolas. [The] supper of our Lord set foorth according to the truth of the gospell and catholike faith (1566)

Sherry, Richard. [A] treatise of schemes and tropes (1550)

Southwell, Robert (1561-1595). [A] short rule of good life ([1595?]).

Southwell, Robert (1561-1595). [An] epistle of comfort, to the reverend priestes, & to the honorable, worshipful, & other of the laye sort retrayned in durance for the Catholicke fayth ([1587?])

Southwell, Robert (1561-1595). [An] humble supplication to her majestie (1595)

Stapleton, Thomas. [A] counterblast to M. Hornes Vayne blaste against M. Fekenham... (1567)

Turner, William (1508?-1568). [The] first and second partes of the herbal (1568)

Tyrie, James. [The] refutation of ane answer made be Schir Ione Knox, to ane letter, send be James Tyrie, to his vmquhyle brother (1573)

Vaux, Laurence. [A] cathechisme or Christian doctrine, necessary for children and ignorant people (1599)

Wilson, Thomas (1525?-1581). [The] arte of rhetorique, for the use of all suche as are studious of eloquence, sette forth in English (1553)

Wright, Leonard. [A] summons for sleepers (1596)


[The] copies of certain discourses, which were exorted from diuers (1601)

Becanus, Martinus. [A] defence of the roman church (1612)

Burton, Robert (1577-1640). [The] anatomy of melancholy (1638)

Digby, Kenelm (1603-1665). A discourse concerning infallibility in religion (1652)

Fisher, John (1459-1535). [A] treatise of prayer and of the fruits and manner of prayer (1640)

Hamilton, John (15..-1609?) (théologien anti-protestant). [A] facile traictise, contenand first: ane infallible reul to discer, ne trew from fals religion, nixt, a declaration of the nature, number, vertew & effects of the sacrements, togiter with certaine prayeres of devotion (1600)

Montaigne, Michel de. [The] essayes or morall, politike and militarie discourses ([1603])

Parkinson, John. Paradisi in paradisus terrestris (1629)

Parkinson, John. Theatrum botanicum. [1] (1640)

Parkinson, John. Theatrum botanicum. [2] (1640)

Roper, William. [The] mirrour of vertue in wordly greatnes, ot The life of Sir Thomas More, knight, sometime Lo. Chancellour of England (1626

Simon Stock (carme déchaussé). [The] practise how to find ease, rest, repose, content, and happiness (1619)

Van Helmont, Jan Baptist. "Deliramenta Catarrhi" ot The incongruities, impossibilities, and absurdities couched under the vulgar opinion of defluxions (1624)

Victor de Vita. [The] memorable and tragical history, of the persecution in Africke (1605)

Welwod, William. An abridgement of all sea-lawes (1613)

Wilkins, John (1614-1672). [The] discovery of a world in the moone [sic] (1638)

Books found searching on "English"

Searching on "Elizabethan"

Searching on "treatise"

Francis Bacon

Several books; search with "Francis Bacon".


Search under "Fuchs" to find them.


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